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Open Projects Group design team has combined experience in interior design, commercial kitchen design and technical drafting. We make the functional and the artists come to life.


Whether it's a refurbishment of an existing space or a brand new venue, we work with our clients to formulate spaces built around appearance, functionality and flow.


​Our design packages are adaptable to suit the style of the project and can include schematic, concept, 3D, artistic impression and architectural drawings.


The interior design team’s primary focus is on realising the client’s ideas and dreams visually while offering valuable, practical industry advice.

The graphic design team acts as a support to the interiors team and is equipped to tackle your unique, industry-specific brand development from logo conceptualisation through to menu design, signage and artworks.


All members of our teams are qualified and experienced in their respective fields.



  • Plan for real life

  • Realising and creating a vision

  • Be mindful about materials, sustainability and construction

  • Be authentic

  • Consider the spaces, zoning and their functionality

  • Kitchen flow consideration is key for commercial kitchen spaces.

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Come & chat with our interior designers about your vision & ideas. We’ll give you the best advice & practice to create a beautiful venue.
We’ve also got you covered from your concept logo, to signage, to menus, social + promotional material.

  • Interior Design

  • Commercial Kitchen Design & Function

  • Signage Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Promotional Materials

  • Social Set Up