An Interview with Dan Barrio


What key elements were most crucial to you during the design process, what were the visions you had for Barrio, what did you want to ensure was incorporated?

It was important that we had a place that people could come and be comfortable and relaxed in a home vibe, however also a clean space that would also appeal to our corporate clientele who wanted somewhere to have meetings should they want to get out of the office. We want everyone to feel welcome. It's also very important for Barrio to be environmentally friendly, including during the design and fit on stage. This is why we chose to have the rammed earth bar front which is a natural product, this also ties in well with the sustainable Paperock (compressed paper) bench tops.



As it was a new development we worked hard to establish ourselves and ensure we worked better for the community as a whole, installing the Parilla Grill was a huge challenge and lesson.


What was the catalyst (desire/ reason) behind you creating Barrio?

We love the location and because it's just out of Byron it catches everyone going through Byron.


What were you hoping to achieve for your restaurant/ bar?

We wanted to have some where anyone can come to eat, drink and just have fun or a nice relaxing time.


What was your vision for Barrio?

To have a beautiful place for people to enjoy Argentinian food inspired.


What do you feel is the highlight of Barrio?

A highlight for us would be the Parilla Grill, whilst it was challenge and learning curve, its certainly something we are proud of and consider to be an essential part of Barrio and ensuring authenticity of Argentinian inspired menu.


    • Electrolux Cookline
    • Parilla Wood Fire Oven & Grill
    • Cyberchill Coolroom & Refrigeration
    • Hobart Warewashing
    • Skope Display Refrigeration
    • Unox Combi Oven
    • Lancer Beer Systems
    • Metro Shelving

    Barrio uses it's Parilla Grill to continue a great culinary tradition that enhances flavour and respects the virtues of the product, for the Argentinian inspired cuisine.