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La Luna Beach Club

Australia’s first luxury, floating beach club!

Open Projects Group are always up for a challenge, so when The Gennari Group approached us to build a beach club on pontoons, it was a resounding yes!

The pontoons were made in collaboration with GC Marine and the synergry between us was vital in executing this feat of engineering. Once complete, the pontoons made their way to their home at Marina Mirage.

The construction of the venue had its own challenges but the outcome was clear. La Luna Beach Club would be first class. A Mediterranean-inspired pool with sun lounges, day beds and cabanas matched with million dollar views out over the glistening marina.

Every detail was carefully considered, from custom charcuterie boards to the focal point on arrival, a 3m high illuminated crescent moon. And it was all made in-house at Open Projects Group.

The entire build depicts innovation at its finest and exemplifies why Open Projects Group are industry leaders.

La Luna Beach Club
Construction: Open Projects Group
Design: August Homes


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