Open Projects Group strives towards the pursuit of environmental sustainability through our design, equipment & material usage practices.

Our manufacturing teams embrace recycled materials & recycle any timbers where possible.

Our goal at OPG is to reduce resource & production costs through:

  • Rejuvenation & repurposing of discarded products through remanufacturing.

  • Reducing our energy usage through a hands-on approach whereby our master craftspeople use traditional hand working techniques.

  • Making use of energy-efficient lights, passive solar lighting & heating in our factory spaces.

  • At OPG we partner with our sister company, Table Top Innovations, sharing resources such as factory facilities to reduce our energy consumption.

  • Through green/sustainable procurement we purchase & utilise products that have a lowered environmental impact compared to similar products that may be used.


Our equipment team has access to the largest range of ecologically viable equipment, promoting eco-friendly alternatives for commercial kitchens where possible.

Our design team also operates with sustainable practices in mind. We realise that the change in the commercial hospitality sector needs to start with us.